3 Counties Expo – Guest speaker

I am delighted to have been invited to speak at the 3 Counties Expo at their networking breakfast on 5th November 2019. 

I will be giving a topic taster covering some of the fundamentals for Exhibition Mastery including:

  • How to ‘view’ your stand
  • Stand do’s and don’ts (sounds obvious – but you would be surprised how many do the don’ts!)
  • Engagement and qualification – using your sixth sense to maximise your time with your visitor.
  • Being memorable – for the right reasons
  • And more…

To book your breakfast networking, go to: https://www.3countiesexpo.co.uk/product-category/bedford-expo/bedford-networking/

The 3 counties expo is a morning exhibition for local organisations and is a great way to meet potential suppliers and clients, network and learn with the free exhibition seminars. 

For more information about the exhibition and to register, go to: www.3countiesexpo.co.uk

For more information on Exhibition Mastery or to book on a course, visit: https://ssp-unlock.co.uk/whats-for-sale/exhibition-mastery/