One of the secrets to having a successful exhibition, is to be memorable.

Being memorable is the most effective way to prepare your contacts for a more useful follow up.

How can you be more memorable without resorting to gimmickry or foolishness?

In the ‘olden days’, exhibitors would resort to gimmickry and glamour to be memorable. While this was standard practice, companies were not remembered for their products or the benefits their products could bring.

These days, budgets are tighter, spend is closely monitored and the ability to research goods via the web means that, as an exhibitor, you don’t have the exclusivity you once had.

At an exhibition you also may not be exclusive. Your competitors are likely to be at the show too. They might have a bigger budget to look ‘more flash’ in the eyes of the visitors.

How do you, with limited budget and limited resource, be more memorable?

By being more professional – thats’s how.

Exhibition visitors are there for a reason. They are not ‘just looking around’ – in todays economic climate, no company releases their employee for a look around.  There is a reason.  It’s your job to find out what that reason is and then provide the right solution for your visitor.

Be courteous, be interested and develop rapport quickly with your visitor. You want to help your visitor get the best out of their day – and sometimes their day is better with you not selling your wares to them. Be creative, a favourite technique of mine is to talk about where the best coffee is and where the toilets are.

If your visitor wants to talk, let them. Ask open questions, get their why for being their and then succinctly focus on answering the question to qualify if your delegate is worthy of a follow up.
Keep the conversation short, to the point and above all else, helpful. You will uncover common ground while you converse – think speed dating – and make reference to that.

Above all else, be you. Your character and personality will have something that relates to your visitor. By creating a personal connection and being helpful and professional, you will become memorable.

If you want to improve your exhibition success, then talk to us.  Let’s have a chat and see how we can help.