The biggest mistake an exhibitor can make

Whenever I am at an exhibition, whether I am supporting a client or there for myself, I always have a look around.

I am looking for specific ‘things’ when I do.

  • Any intel that will help my client (of course)
  • The level of professionalism and the display (or lack of) exhibition mastery Skills

Sadly, it is lack of exhibition skills that I see but there is one thing that I see over and above all else.

It is the biggest mistake that companies do and that is:

They have the wrong people successfully represent them on their stand.

The key words are ‘successfully represent’.

Anyone can be on a stand but to successfully represent an organisation requires a mix of:

  • Knowledge
  • Customer interaction skills and experience
  • Confidence
  • Exhibition Mastery skills

What I see are the employees of a company on a stand, poorly briefed and without a full understanding of knowing what is expected of them.

To a degree, it’s not their fault. A surprisingly high proportion of exhibitors do not have a clear understanding of why they are there – therefore, if they don’t really know, how can the stand staff know what they should be doing?

This is most common with SME’s, because they have a limited resource pool – or so they think.

Exhibitions are an investment – and a considerable one – therefore it is imperative that you get a good return and know what that return should look like. Your stand people can work accordingly.

However, a lot of companies just bring their employees and just because they work for you, does not necessarily mean they are the best people for the job.

Even if they work in your marketing department, your social media person – who is a magician on the keyboard in how they get engagement from just one post – could end up looking like a rabbit in the headlights!

While your staff may well know about your product – may have even built it – but in an exhibition environment, the skillset needed is different and a detailed conversation or the ‘rabbit in the headlights’ won’t help you have an excellent exhibition.

If you don’t have the right people, get in contact or give us a call.  Our stand hand associates are specifically chosen for their experience, their mindset and their attitude towards exhibition.  We all love doing exhibitions and representing our clients. Take a look at us.