Buckinghamshire Business Exhibition – 6th March 2020

Local exhibitions and networking conferences are essential to the growth of new businesses and when they run, you really should support them either by exhibiting or attending.

The Buckinghamshire Business First Exhibition is just such an event and was part of the Business Buckinghamshire Festival. Held at the The Gateway in Aylesbury, the exhibition had over 100 local businesses showcasing their products and services.

If you want a whistle stop tour of the expo – checkout the link below.

What was great to see was the focus on sustainability and the organisers provided reusable ‘takeaway’ insulated coffee cups. This is something that the bigger events can learn from, provide sponsored refillable cups and they can get free filter coffee.

A company that really caught my eye was Buddy Burst. They produce and supply completely eco friendly promotional products. The founders business card is a ‘seed stick’. Tear off cardboard strips that you plant (it comes with instructions for the not so green fingered like me) and a plant grows. In this case spearmint – I will let you know how I get on with growing it.

I did enjoy the story on Impact Sign Solutions stand. It was nice to see a different approach about telling their story. Knowing where the company started from and some of its early journey makes you appreciate the here and now more.

The range of businesses exhibiting was wide. From holistic therapies, electric vehicles, accountants to IT services and even a micro pig farm. Yes really.

Buckinghamshire has its very own Micro Pig Farm called Kew little Pigs. Based in Amersham, they provide different experiences for you to come and experience the micro pigs. Different experiences means you can do pet them, feed them, groom them and even have your chance to ‘be a mini pig keeper’.
They were launching their corporate package ‘Motivate’. A specialist package for team building days incorporating the different aspects of micro pig care.
What I especially like about the Kew Little Pigs is that it has come from a family passion and it can only be successful if their pigs are well cared for and happy.
Check them out – www.kewlittlepigs.com

This was a really good event and one that has the potential to be a real hub of Buckinghamshire. Talking of hubs, it would be remiss of me not to mention the Westcott Business Incubation Centre.  A ‘hub’ where businesses working in Space Propulsion, 5G technology, drones and autonomous technologies.  This high profile level of support into the counties rich technology heritage is testament to the opportunity that is available here.  If you are involved in those technologies above, visit their website at www.wbic.org.uk for more information and see how you can benefit.

In summary, this exhibition is definitely worth going to.  The range of business types and the number of them means you can fulfil any requirement that you have.  I would recommend that you exhibit if you are looking to gain better traction locally.  If you are going to exhibit, remember to use your Exhibition Mastery skills to elevate above the rest – and if you need help, I’d be delighted to.

And finally, I strongly recommend that you check out the Buckinghamshire Business First website for support and become a member.  You can register for free and gain access to a plethora of support materials.  I wish I had properly looked at this in my early years of business! www.bbf.uk.com