Corona Virus and Exhibitions – What can I do?

The global outbreak of Coronavirus has been top of the headlines over the last few weeks.

In the exhibition industry, it has had a significant impact with travel restrictions and in some extreme cases, the cancellation of major events. The Mobile World Congress in China, one of the main events in the industry, chose to cancel because of the disease. Closer to home, the Geneva Motor Show has now been cancelled because of the risk of potential spread.

If you are exhibiting at an exhibition, should you be worried, should you cancel?

At the time of writing (March 2nd 2020), there are no blanket wide quarantine rules, or ‘lock downs’ in the UK.

What there is, is a lot of helpful advice around personal responsibility and doing stuff to contain the spread of the virus.

Back to exhibitions, what can you do as an exhibitor?

First and foremost, get the RIGHT information for you to make decisions on. Go for genuine sources, such as the Governments official response and the NHS website. Links below.

For your exhibition, follow the advice given.  On your stand make sure you have:

  • Tissues
  • Hand gel
  • Individual water bottles/cups
  • A small flip top bin for used tissues (the venue should have bins everywhere, but just in case)

Have some common sense rules in place – and, hopefully, these will seem a bit obvious!

  • Don’t work the stand if you are unwell.
  • Don’t share water bottles or cups.
  • If you do shake hands, use hand gel often – as you can’t know others personal hygiene habits.
  • If you have sweets or edibles on the stand, at the very least, ensure they are individually wrapped.  Unless you have to, consider a different giveaway – just make sure it is useful.

If you are planning on attending an exhibition overseas, then travel restrictions and other containment measures may apply.  DO YOUR RESEARCH and make sure that you fully understand the travel advice from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

And finally, I stumbled across this short video from ‘CBBC’ Doctors Chris and Xand. If you have kids like I do, you can generally rely on CBBC to explain something in an easy to understand format!
Dr Chris and Dr Xand from the CBBC website-

Information sources:

Information from the UK Government website. –
NHS Website –
Dr Chris and Dr Xand –

If you would like some help or are a little unclear on just what you can do, please do get in touch by emailing or calling me direct 07988 885061.