COVID 19 Update from Steve at SSP – Unlocking Potential

We live in strange times where the end is not yet in sight.

Businesses have had to change their approaches over night – and so has SSP.

For Straight Spaghetti.

We are still able to offer our spaghetti straightening services but remotely. We have adapted the structure and approach for it to be suitable for video conferencing and utilising Google Docs for collaborative work.

In these strange times, running your business with the constraints of Covid19 can easily feel like a mountain to climb. Often, we can help. What you get out of a Straight Spaghetti session is clarity of thought. You know where your efforts need to go and what to ignore – particularly in how you work now and how you prepare for ‘after’.

If you are ‘in a pickle’ or feel like your head is ‘full of spaghetti’ then why don’t we have a chat. If we can help, we’d love to. Book your self a time in my diary when you can talk.

Exhibition Mastery

Currently, we are not offering face to face training and while we are able to convert some aspects of what we do online and via video call, the lockdown of events does curtail the appetite for stand skills and people development on an exhibition stand somewhat!

However, this will not last and when trade shows and exhibitions are released from lockdown, they will offer the best opportunity to turbo boost your business as we come out of this. I am currently re-modelling Exhibition Mastery and in the very near future, we will be able to offer you something that will benefit you now during lockdown and get you exhibition ready.

In the meantime, please keep yourselves safe, listen only to the facts and if it feels a bit too much and you need to vent or rant, book a time using the link above, I’ll grab a cup of tea and we can put the world to rights.

My very best regards – Steve