I wandered lowly as a cloud – The importance of contingency

I learned a very valuable lesson earlier this week.

While stood in front of a room of delegates on client site for a bespoke Exhibition Mastery training course, my trusty old MacBook Pro decided that trying to send the signal via Thunderbolt to a large screen LCD was just too much, and blew its graphics chip and consequently did not want to boot up!

This was a challenge when your only back up is 150 miles away!

As my MacBook Pro is old, and that the hard drive was in need of a replacement as well as the battery – I moved my working to cloud storage at the beginning of the year.  iCloud for collaboration for my Apple apps and Google Drive for the rest.  Effectively making my ‘documents’ folder redundant.

Due to this, I was able to forward the presentation to one of the delegates Mac from my phone and then deliver the days training with my properly presented visual aids.

The day was a success! It could have been so different!

If I hadn’t planned a loose contingency, the day would have been challenging to say the least!

I got very very lucky.  My contingency plan ensures I don’t lose documents, should something happen to the hardware. – but it doesn’t cover the hardware.

In your business – do you have a plan?  If you don’t have one  – or you think you don’t need one – I want you to think about what would happen if you are at a client site, and your computer goes ‘pop!’ All your documents, presentations, accounts, images etc.

If you don’t have a contingency plan (also known as a disaster recovery plan) – then make it your New Years resolution to create one. If you need some help, then give me a call.