For our ‘Straight Spaghetti’, our clients are typically on the up and up but a bit vague as to the right thing to focus on!  Micro to Small businesses that want to grow.  Our client relationships span years and we have been very privileged to see them grow.

Exhibition Mastery has been developing over the last decade and we have worked over 100 exhibitions, been on our feet for over 800 hours, qualified and captured over 6000 contacts and won millions in new business revenue.

Grab a cuppa and have a read of our client stories.

Jenna words here.

Jenna, Unique Pets

Steve’s sessions run as a way to not only make you confront your fears, but also to make you aware of your strengths and how invaluable they are to you. He has the ability to make you stop and think about what it is exactly that you want. And how important it is to plan in detail the steps you need to take in order to get there. I left Steve’s session feeling inspired and eager to start my plan, and ready to take on whatever would be thrown at me next. I would highly recommend booking a session with Steve, as it will help you in taking that much needed first step.

Amelia Barnard, Amelia Barnard Music