Project Description

Re-Branding a Band

The Eclectix are a wedding, function and party band that have been together since 2012.  For 2017, The Eclectix decided that they needed a re-brand and re-focus to ensure the diary was full of bookings.

A comprehensive review of the business processes and approach to business development and marketing revealed a number of actions needed to re-position The Eclectix as true professional entertainers.

Existing Site

Existing Site

The challenge of showing the character and personality of the band


Showcasing The Eclectix

The Eclectix are a collective of highly skilled musicians that have an absolute passion for music and incredibly high standards.  Consequently, their performances are memorable, thoroughly enjoyable and unique.

The challenge is showcasing all the aspects of The Eclectix.  Their professionalism, the musicianship, the fun they have.  The effort and attention to detail they put into their performances elevates The Eclectix as one of the top function bands in the UK.

Music 100%
Professionalism 100%
Fun 100%
Showmanship 100%
Entertainers 100%

Defining the Brand

Though discussions with the band manager, it was agreed that the band needed a fresh image.  The band already had an identity and needed it’s supporting materials to look ‘cleaner’ and more sharp.  

A fresh new look

In preparation for the new image, updated professional photos were commissioned as well as a recording session to record an up to date playlist.  During both, videos were taken ready for website and social media sharing.

Final Delivery

The band already had a Wix website that was paid for and rather than re-invent the wheel, we used there existing web infrastructure and re-designed the Wix website for a cleaner, more professional look.

Doing Business Better

Along with the new website, the business processes were audited to ensure they were fit for purpose.

A change in the contract completion and the filing of all correspondence was implemented using an existing Google Drive account.  Cloud storage was deemed as the best way forward as any of the band could access and provide the correct information.

Excellent Results

The band were incredibly pleased with the new look and feel of the website.

More importantly, the feedback from clients and others has been outstanding.  With the new marketing and development process under way and being implemented into business as usual, the diary is also filling up!

You can see the full website here