Straight Spaghetti – Does the Tail Wag the Dog?

There is a risk when you are looking at improving your business, making efficiencies, you automatically look at technology to ‘make your business better’.

Without a doubt, technology can be used to make you work more efficiently. When done right, it does!  However, you can end up in a situation where the tail (software) ends up ‘wagging the dog’. (the company)

Some of the most time consuming tasks you do are often the ones that make you feel busy, but are not profitable. These tasks are the process of doing business.  Tasks like , fulfilling a sale, processing a payment, getting orders from your clients.

It is tempting to buy a piece of software that (allegedly) does it all for you.  Promises from the software provider about life becoming easier , more efficient sound fantastic but, as with all types of software, what you put in is what you get out.

Software is not a magic wand.  When we Straighten your Spaghetti , software might be the desired outcome but it is not the focus of the conversation.  The focus is identifying the whole process including the ‘busy’ bits and the little workarounds you do to make it work.

You are creating the best process that allows you to service your customers well and provide them with the best customer experience they could have with you because when it is easy to buy from you and the experience is good – they will buy again and again.

By mapping out the process and working out the kinks, it will illustrate where those bottle necks are and where only technology can provide the most cost effective solution. 

If you truly understand your customer journey (for example), your solutions provider will appreciate it too.  They don’t know your business, but we expect them too! That is a little unfair.  How can they know our business if we don’t even know the whole process?

With that in depth understanding, then you can work WITH the software company to properly achieve the outcome you want.

That’s the dog wagging the tail.

If you don’t do this work, then the software company will go with what they know, which is their software and solving the problem in hand from their viewpoint and understanding.

In other words, the tail wags the dog.

The consequences of this may not be immediately apparent.

As your business moves on, the software could become one of those barriers to providing the best for your customer.

How we help? If you are in this position, give us a call.  We’ll straighten out your spaghetti to identify what’s missing, your workarounds so you will have a robust set of requirements that can built on form there.

Get in contact and lets have a chat.


Photo credit: Douglas M. Weston II on Visual hunt / CC BY-NC-ND