What makes a good Stand Hand?

Good Stand Hands are worth their weight in gold.

Especially if exhibitions and trade shows are a key element of your business development strategy.

You know a good stand hand when you see one.

Their ability to engage with their stand visitor without it seeming awkward.  The ease with which they disseminate information from them and then provide them with the right solutions and next steps to help them.

Stand Hands that know their stuff are truly worth it.  But why?

In this current age of information, the business to business trade show is a growing industry.  New exhibition venues that cater for all sizes of event are appearing daily. Therefore, exhibitions and business to business events are on the up.

Exhibitions, trade shows and networking conferences are fast becoming the norm and are heavily featured in the business development strategies of companies. Where else can you inject your pipeline with the right type of people for your product?

Therefore, the role of ‘stand hand’ and what that entails is important to recognise and have access to.

Being good at exhibitions is a particular skill set of the customer facing elements of sales, marketing and customer service.

The best stand hands I know and have worked with have a wealth of experience in different roles and are able to engage with almost everybody.

Above all else – stand hands enjoy being stand hands.  That may sound obvious – but how many times have you met (or have made) a person on a stand when they don’t enjoy it.  Do you, as a visitor enjoy the conversation – was it useful and what impression was left?

  • They have the right tools for the job.  They know how to interrupt and/or strike up a conversation.
  • They have the communication skills to engage with someone quickly.
  • They can disseminate a need from sparse information and craft a response to peak interest before capturing that information and sending them along.
  • Whoever follows up will be able to do far easier than previous as the visitor is already bought in to the next step process.
  • Successful stand hands are able to read body language and the subtle visual communication clues to gauge interest and attention.
  • They know what questions to ask and how to respond.

At the end of the day, you have invested time, money and effort into getting the exhibition set up to be as successful as it possibly can be.

Your people are THE key element to a successful exhibition.  Make sure the you put the same amount of effort and time into making sure that your people are at their most capable best to deliver a truly exceptional experience for your stand visitors.

Exhibition Mastery gives your people the tools to accelerate their experience and get the very most out of the exhibition event.  We can help you get your people up to speed.

Don’t have the people? Then get in touch.  We have people that are highly experienced and can represent you very well and we’d be delighted to help.

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