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Exhibition Mastery

Exhibitions are one of the best ways to launch new products, meet new contacts and engage with existing clients.

Yet, despite all the benefits of exhibiting well, organisations fail to make the best out of exhibition due to:

– Lack of focus for making your stand busy

– Assuming your people will be fine

– Not thinking through the end to end process of exhibiting.

Exhibition Mastery teaches the skills, approaches and techniques required to increase the performance of your stand and your people.

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The problem we solve:

Exhibitions cost money – in some cases a LOT of money.  If you don’t get your approach right, you run the risk of your exhibition being a very expensive PR stunt or team away day.

We help you get your approach right.

The pre show elements of making your stand busy (even before you have a stand)

Developing your people to be the best they can be on the stand

Your post show follow up – approach and making it happen.

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The Foundation Certificate in Exhibition Mastery covers the fundamentals of best practice in exhibition stand delivery.

  • How to dress
  • Qualification
  • Information gathering
  • Note taking
  • Right busy vs wrong busy

The Foundation Certificate gives your stand people the required skills to engage and qualify your stand visitors giving you the best chance of successful follow up.

It covers the fundamentals of making your stand busy and the best practice approaches to follow up.

If you are running an exhibition, book your stand hands (and yourself) onto our Foundation Certificate course.

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Practitioner focuses on the elements of the Exhibition Mastery surrounding the organisation and promotion of your stand.

The course focuses on the management of your exhibition, effective marketing, the promotion of your stand and follow up of the leads captured at the event.

It builds on the Foundation Certificate course content and /or your own experience of being a stand hand and covers:

  • Pre-event marketing
  • Making your stand busy (even when others are not)
  • Advanced qualification & engagement techniques
  • The ‘psychology’ of exhibitions and their visitors.
  • and more

Practitioner can be run in a small group or as a one to one session.

If you are running an exhibition, schedule a call with us to see how we can help you get the best out of your exhibition.

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The Exhibition Mastery Diploma is a bespoke engagement, tailored to your company strategy and vision, values and objectives.

Exhibition Mastery is focussed on ensuring your whole exhibition strategy delivers results from start to finish.

If you are running multiple exhibition events throughout the year and want to increase your chances of success and get the best return from your investment.

Mastery provides training and consultancy to:

  • Get your approach correct
  • Establish timelines and schedules
  • Provide tools and measurement
  • Advanced Exhibition Mastery stand approaches.

If your key marketing spend and activity for the short to medium term is exhibitions and exhibiting, then schedule a call with us.

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I am an event organiser / manager

As an event organiser, you want your paying exhibitors to have the best exhibition they can.  Happy exhibitors are busy exhibitors when they are having good conversations with the right people on the stand.

In our experience, event organisers are frustrated by their exhibitors at the lack of stand best practice and the wasted opportunity.

As organisers, you provide all your exhibitors need to set up their stand: carpets, lighting, electricity, etc. 

We work with event organisers to be their Exhibition Mastery skills provider.

At the end of the day, you want your exhibitors to have a great exhibition – so help them. Our business model means it is a win win for you and your exhibitor.

If you want to make the best for your exhibitors , pick up the phone and let’s see how we can help.

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I am an event venue

You want your event venue to be known as the premier choice for hosting trade shows and exhibitions.

Being a premier event venue is more than just providing a space.

For your clients to have the best exhibition you need to be ‘the go to people’ for anything and everything.

A good venue and great organisation alone does not make for a good exhibition.  Exhibitions are successful through being at good venues, having great organisation and exhibitors who utilise Exhibition Mastery Skills.

Be the venue that is known for helping exhibitions and exhibitors have the best exhibition they can.

If you want to provide more for your exhibition clients, then please schedule a call to discuss how we can help.

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