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What is ‘Straight Spaghetti’

Being in business is great – but occasionally it can get overwhelming – and we don’t like to acknowledge or admit it!

Overwhelm feels like:

– Being trapped, stuck in a rut
– Pushing ice up a volcano on a hot day.
– Your brain buzzing  – especially when you are trying to sleep!
– No time and no enjoyment – you could quite easily pack it all in!
– You have plans but no energy to do anything

There are more and all they do is make you feel a failure

We call this ‘Spaghetti’.  Each thought is a strand of spaghetti and when you are overwhelmed, they tangle.

We straighten your Spaghetti to provide you with clarity and help you map out an operational strategy to overcome it.

Feeling a bit like your head is full of spaghetti?  Get in touch, we’ll have a cuppa and see if we are a good fit.

‘Straight Spaghetti’ is what your thoughts and plans will look like after your health check session. 

Straight Spaghetti gives you clarity and direction for your next direction.

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Who is it for?

A Straight Spaghetti session is for any business owner or individual that:

– Wants to grow
– Needs an operational strategy to help you achieve your business and personal goals
– Wants to hone your vision for your business
– Needs to untangle the mess in your head that is stopping you from growing your business
– Needs a reality check or your commercial compass re-calibrated
– Feels stuck in where you are and need help to get out of your rut
– Feels overwhelmed at ‘everything’

If any of the above resonates, then give us a call and book an initial session.

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Why do I need it?

When your brain gets overwhelmed and your thoughts become spaghetti, it is easy to lose focus of why you do what you do.

Your perspective turns inwards and your energies go to getting by rather then getting on.

This can happen with your business and in your personal life.

‘Straight Spaghetti’ provides an objective look at you and your business to give you a focussed and workable plan on your most pressing actions.

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How does it work?

It starts with a call where we have a chat about your spaghetti to make sure we are the right fit.

We can do that on the phone or you can come to Bletchley Park and we can have a chat over a coffee at Hut 4.

If we move ahead, we have a day here at Bletchley Park.  We spend a day focussing on you and your business and you leave with a renewed ‘list’ of priorities.


We define what your short term ‘great’ looks like.

We categorise and prioritise your aspirations and goals.


We identify what your overall capacity is.  Including your personal capacity; your familial support and what your professional capacity’s range is.

When identified, we look to where you can best leverage your capacity to achieve your goals.


From your established priorities, we help you create your operational strategy that works for you and one that you can focus on.

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Where do I start?

It’s simple. We have a chat!

Whether you want a quick chat or get cracking straight away – let’s talk first.

Just give us a call on  07988 885061.

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