I try to be a good and pleasant person.

I don’t always succeed but I do try because I firmly believe that you never know when something will come back to bite you!

Either in a good way or a bad one!

Just to set some context, this post is a little ‘out there’ but bear with me.

My son had a bit of a fear of animals when he was much younger.  To be honest, I don’t know where it came from.  We have always been an animal friendly family but maybe a yappy dog or psychopathic cat didn’t help.

At the time, as part of the bedtime routine, I would read “The World According to Humphrey”.  It’s a lovely book about the adventure of a class hamster. I loved reading it, my kids loved listening to it.

It gave me an idea about getting a pet.  Humphrey seemed quite cool and pet-worthy. He was a hamster, small, relatively easy to manage and (by all accounts of this book) friendly.  To add to this picture, a family friend had a hamster and it used to do this cute climbing thing across the bars of its cage.

Off I trot to find a helpful pet shop.  Unique Pets recently opened in my home town, I had met the owner and thought I would pick her brains as she had plenty of them (brains that is) – especially about animals! Particularly about their well being and suitability for the potential owners

I explained my thoughts about getting an hamster.  Jenna gave me a look that only Jenna can give when you have COMPLETELY the wrong idea about an animal (it’s not mocking – more like “aah bless”) and suggested that I look at rats.

Pardon? Yes rats.

As a James Herbert fan since my early teens, rats don’t quite live up to my idea as a pet (I told you this post was a little off the wall).

Jenna said – just research them. So I did. Within half an hour (it’s one of my superpowers – being able to research and understand something quickly) I got where she was coming from.  Back to Unique Pets and she recommended a breeder.

Tip – always go for a well regarded breeder rather than some supermarket style shops.  A breeder generally has more time to care and interact with the animals and they are much better, healthier and loved as a result.

The breeder actually vetted us to make sure ‘we were serious’ about this! We chose two (rats are social animals and need to have company) and Sapphy and Crystal came home with us.

My son loved them and because rats are social, they don’t generally bite – provided you approach them correctly.  Rats actually make great pets. They are clean (yes really), loyal and really sociable.  They want to be liked and handled – they used to chill out in my sons hoodie hood.

Where am I going with this> okay, the karma bit.

Unique had won a new customer for lots of small animal treats and because we had been supportive, we were invited to Unique Pets one year birthday party.

That was in November, on a boat. And it was cold. In fact ice cold. Like black ice on roads travelling through back roads to get to said marina cold!

We went (we enjoy a party), we shivered and we enjoyed ourselves.  Many people didn’t – because they didn’t turn up.  Nor did they call – and as Jenna had catered for her guests using the local deli (now The Farm Deli – please visit the food is divine), the chosen few that were there ate very very well!

A few months later, Jenna called me asking for help with her business as she had plans and needed to unravel the spaghetti that had become her business vision.

I firmly believe it is because I listened to her advice, asked sensible questions and continued to listen to what she said about the rats care AND the fact that I made the effort and turned up when I said I would.

Long story to a short point.

Make sure you are authentic, genuine and you keep your word.  You never know when it will come back and reward you.