Why we use WordPress and Avada

We are often asked why we choose WordPress and the Avada template from ThemeIsle as our ‘goto’ website set up. The reasons are many but mainly it comes down to simplicity.

“Simplicity? Really, I have heard that WordPress is hard to use.” I hear you say!

I would disagree entirely. You see, I am not a website designer, (we have some great partners for that – get in touch if you are thinking about a rebrand/re-design) but I do like to keep things simple. It’s the same for our clients. If a website is an out put of a Spaghetti Session or they are looking to set up something that is quick to publicise their exhibition, then the combo of WordPress and Avada really do fit the bill.

Our approach is for things to be as simple as possible – so, you own the website , you buy the Avada template, you are not tethered to us as your web people and you can update, add to and edit your website as you see fit – or get anyone you want to.

Which brings me to the reason why. WordPress is so universally used, it is constantly updated for security issues, for functionality. Avada is the same. One of the most popular theme used on WordPress, they are also constantly improving, keeping relevant, upto date etc. Because of the popularity, they have the support infrastructure to keep everything current.

Every time they release an update, the functionality gets better. They have a raft of demo templates you can use (that’s what we do as a starting point for you) and the latest Avada update has ‘live’ editing – which is fantastic!

Other site providers like Wix or similar are still very good and certainly have their place depending on what you need but if you are looking at scaleability to add future functionality and being able to do pretty much anything you want to, then WordPress couple with a them like Avada is the way to go.

How do we help?

We have some incredibly talented people that work locally to us that can build you fantastic websites for you – or we can teach you the basics of WordPress and Avada so you can get a site up and running quickly. It depends on your aspiration and budget. Why don’t you have a chat with us about what you are looking to do, get in contact here